I was approached by Carmarthenshire County Council who wished to commission a sculptural representation of the new Bearing of Arms which had been designed by the College of Arms. The County Council was formed from four original districts - Carmarthen, Dinefwr, Dyfed, and Llanelli - and it was part of the brief that these old local councils' coats of arms be included in the design. The finished work would be sited on an existing large wooden panel in the council chamber.

Coat of arms and supporting heraldic shields modelled in low relief

My design proposal, which was accepted, was to present the Bearing of Arms on a circular background of simulated slate and surround this with the heraldic shields from the coats of arms of the four original local councils. These shields were to be the same shape and proportion as existing ones around the top of the chamber.

The depth of the modelling was restricted to no more than 50mm to allow an existing projector screen to be lowered in front of the work when required. The circular base is 1370mm in diameter, the shields are 305mm x 380mm. Once the modelling was finished, I took flexible rubber moulds from each piece and then cast them in a filled reinforced polyester resin. I completed the commission with the application of enamel paints and 22ct gold leaf.

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