Custom plaques are created completely by hand using traditional sculpture studio techniques. Once the design for the plaque has been completed on paper it is then modelled by hand in low relief using a hard wax. A mould is then taken and a master is created; this can be used to make further moulds if required.
 If the plaque is to be cast in a small edition only the original mould would be made and used for casting the edition. Having several custom plaques cast from the one mould is more cost effective as it mitigates the initial design, modelling and mould making costs.

Commemorative plaque for the Tall Ships Race

Commemmorative plaque for the tall ships race

After the initial modelling and mould making, an edition of 200 plaques were cast. They were presented to sponsors and associates of the 1991 Tall Ships Race. This custom plaque finished with a weathered bronze effect and the raised lettering highlighted in gold.
Dimensions: 230mm dia. x 25mm.

Custom plaque depicting Robin Hood and Little John

Plaque modelled in low relief, Robin Hood and Little John

This custom decorative plaque was cast in plaster of paris from a rigid mould, therefore it was essential that there were no undercuts in the initial modelling.
Dimensions: 250mm x 312mm x 25mm.

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