House Numbers

There's nothing more frustrating than going up and down a road trying to find the right address because many of the buildings aren't displaying a number! Often the only thing to do is knock on a door and ask someone if they know where the address that you’re looking for is.
Clearly displaying your address enables people to find you easily and the emergency services to find you quickly, there's really no good excuse for not doing so. And don't just plump for the cheapest version at your local diy store - whether you go for contemporary and modern or a classic and decorative, it's never been easier to find something that really complements your home.
Below are examples of our house and door plaques which are hand crafted in cold cast bronze and resin slate, all designs being exclusive to Standingstone.

Heritage House Numbers

Please click on the images above for details about each design.

These plaques are cast by hand in resin bronze and available in a plain design or choice of three decorative motifs - oak, rose and vine. Each one has an attractive, raised rope-twist border and will accommodate 1, 2 and sometimes 3 numerals.

If you require four or more numerals or want to include a street or house name you may wish to consider a Heritage sign as in the examples below.

house plaque with oak frieze and number 3965
sign with rose design 120 richmond house
address plaque 73 high street

Foliate House Numbers

The ivy design plaques from our Foliate series of signs are also hand made in cold-cast bronze and available in large or small. The leaves and berries are modelled in sculptural relief which is enhanced with an attractive applied patina.
address plaque 73 high street
Again, if you need to add a house or street name consider the bronze name plaques, examples of which are below.
Rose design plaque - 5 Rodbourne Farmhouse
House plaque with vine design

Resin Slate Number Plaques

slate housenumber
Slate plaques are cast in resin and slate composite, available in 8.5 inches (215 mm) and 12.75 inches (322 mm) wide . The dark slate background gives an excellent contrast to the white numerals.
Below, some number / name examples using resin slate signs
slate address plaque
house address sign in slate
If a dwelling has a number it should be used as it is a legal requirement in the UK to display it prominently so that it can be seen from the road (Town and Improvement Clauses Act 1847). A Local Authority could bring proceedings against a householder who fails to do so.
Triskaidekaphobia! - would your superstitions allow you to buy a home with the number 13? - research suggests that unlucky home number 243 could be just as bad!
Annoyed at being unable to find an address? - see one man's campaign to encourage properties to display the right door number
Missing Numbers - local postman says the missing door furniture is confusing delivery drivers.