Lettering Styles for your House Sign, Nameplate or Plaque

There is a choice of seven different lettering styles (fonts) for your Standingstone sign, these are illustrated below.
They have been selected for their style and legibility but are not mandatory - we can, where possible, use a font of your choice.

If you are unsure how your address or house name will look on a sign in a particular lettering style or layout please use our free 'View before you buy' service and we will email you a draft picture of the sign with the lettering for your approval. To use this service look for and click on the 'Request a draft picture' link included with the description and details for each sign.

A: OLD SCHOOLHOUSE (Times) - if in any doubt about which font to choose go for this one which is easy to read and widely recognised.

B: THE DOWER HOUSE (Copperplate Gothic) - a straight style of lettering with small serifs, designed by Frederic Goudy.

C: CROSSTREES COTTAGE (Kabarett) - a rounded font with large, full serifs.

D: CRAFTON FARMHOUSE (Libra) - font with a more informal style of lettering.

E: HOLLYBANK LODGE (Seagull) - good weight font, easily read at distance.

F: SEPTEMBER BARN (Engravers Old English) - based on the black letter style which was used in England from the end of the twelfth century.

G: HERITAGE CALLIGRAPHIC (Calligraph 810) - nformal and compact italic style. This is the standard font for signs in our Heritage range, is also good choice for long house names.

Great care is taken with the design, layout and accurate spacing of the lettering in order to provide the best visual effect and legibility in the space available on the nameplate. If you have a preferred layout or would like a different font to the examples illustrated above please advise with your draft picture request or order.
 All Foliate plaques (Vine, Oak, Rose and Strawberry) and Heritage signs have the option of a larger nameplate to accommodate longer house names on two lines.

 Both cold cast bronze and resin-slate signs have the characters formed into the plaque using a grit blasting process - set just below the surface of the nameplate as if engraved - it is then finished in white using a durable sign writer's paint. We do not use plastic vinyl lettering!