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Wooden Sign – Seagull Cottage


Painted sign, seagull cottage

Suspense and shock beyond anything you have seen or imagined! Could this be the most terrifying house sign ever made?

This sign exhibits evidence of bird damage by pecking. To the casual observer this may appear minor but the incident soon escalated to the point where children had to be sent home from school and townsfolk had to take shelter in the lunchroom.

Eventually the attacks became so severe that all homes had to boarded up for protection against repeated diving attacks by the gulls. Miss Hedren, the owner of the cottage, even had to seek refuge in a telephone kiosk.

And what was it that sent the birds into such a frenzy of attacks? Maybe it was the sight of the horrid vinyl lettering on this sign that they could no longer tolerate. Take note – otherwise the next scream you hear could be your own!


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