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Chrome, Brass and Ceramic Signs – 31 Morland Cottage


Chrome house numbers, brass plaque – Private, ceramicplaque

Chrome house numbers - 31, brass plaque – Private, ceramic sign – Morland Cottage.

Here’s a door with a real hotchpotch of house signs, mishmash of materials and assortment of sign types. So lets go through them from the top down.

"Number 31" – cheap and not so cheerful chromed brass numerals which now have little chrome left on them. Whoever placed the numbers thought they would engage their design skills and offset them – why? My advice is to keep things simple – place your house signs and numerals accurately, straight and level.

"Private" – off-the-shelf cast brass plaque. Why would anyone feel the need for such a sign on their front door – are they expecting hoards of strangers to bound in off the street? They also have a "Baby on Board" sticker on their Skoda’s rear window in the belief that it will ward off maniacal Volvo drivers from slamming into the back of their vehicle.

"Morland Cottage" – an oval ceramic house plaque with a central moorland scene, yes dyslexia strikes again! This plaque just adds to the strangeness and unease that the combination of signage on this door creates. Is it that the sign is not level and centrally placed? Yes, but also and the lettering is out of true - a common fault with round and oval plaques.

Probably different owners of this property have added these signs over the years. I think the time has come to start again and give this poor confused door a fresh start. Remove everything, give it a new coat of paint and fix an elegant Standing Stone house sign to the left or right of the entrance. Then all who dwell here can live clearheaded and happily ever after.


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