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House Number Plaque – 5


Ceramic house number plaque with wood surround - 5


I have the feeling that a lot of care has gone into the making of this house sign. It’s obviously not one of the mass produced signs that are so common today. So I would guess that someone has made it for themselves or someone has made it as a gift to the house owner.

What leads me to this conclusion? Look, the ceramic tile has been let into the wood surround so it is flush with the surface. Also the screws have been covered – not something most sign-makers bother to do (although we do this at Standing Stone house signs).

The design has been pressed into the clay and picked out with coloured glazes. I like the naive house and tree design at the top but can’t say that I’m so keen on the number – too elongated – or the flower design at the bottom – too fussy. But this is nit-picking, it’s refreshing to see something a bit out of the ordinary that has been made with some thought and care – two things that we also hope are achieved at Standing Stone.


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