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Three exterior signs mounted on a board – house number sign, 30; directional sign, arrow; commercial sign, B & B.

But why have three signs when one would have done? Perhaps the supplier wanted to maximise his profits.

There doesn’t appear to have been much care or skill put into the making of these ceramic plaques, both numbers and letters are poorly executed. The messy arrangement of signs on a temporary looking board gives an overall sloppy appearance – not a good advert for a commercial enterprise.

Here I think two maxims apply – "you get what you pay for" and "first impressions count" At Standing Stone ( we would suggest to the customer a single nameplate with the three elements displayed on it. No need for a backing board – the sign could be mounted directly onto the wall with just two screws.

This wouldn’t have made us as much profit as suggesting the property owner purchase three signs but we sleep well at night and know our customers will return to us and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.


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