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French style enamel house numbers – 33, 35, 35a


Blue enamel french house numbers

Blue vitreous enamel house number plaques with white numerals.

It would have been neater if the three signs had been fixed one below another on just one side of the door. Although, displaying the three numbers on a single plaque would be even better.

These french number plaques are for franco-files wanting to add a bit of ooh-la-la to "Mon Repos". They conjure up visions of a quiet back street in a sleepy french town. Accordingly, they are not the first choice of house sign for the Englishman’s castle, especially those who bring up the battle of Agincourt at the first mention of anything on the other side of Le Chunnel.

The handle above the door is for those residents in training for Mont Blanc who prefer not to use the stairs to the first floor.


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