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Metal House Numbers – 37


Metal house numbers on door with studs

Seventies house numbers on door with metal studs.

The numbers and the offset arrangement are typical of their period – probably 1960’s or 70’s and as such are not particularly noteworthy. However, the metal door studs do make this entrance something out of the ordinary.

The fairly modern door furniture – letterbox, yale latch, house numbers and handle – are not in keeping with the true age of this door. The use of numerous metal door studs would indicate something much older. This is also suggested by the fact that it has signs of alteration to the position of the door handle and letterbox. This door may even have been recycled from an older property.

Metal door studs are normally used on natural wood doors – not on painted ones. Give a thought for the person who gets the job of redecorating the door and has to carefully paint around more than 700 studs.


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