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Bronze Cottage Plaque


Oval bronze cottage plaque

Oval resin bronze house plaque with brass numbers and letters – 40 September Cottage.

The strange thing about this sign is that the house number and name appear to have been added after the plaque has been cast. I would guess the plaque has been made in resin bronze and the brass letters and numbers have then been stuck on to this background. The maker will have done this in order not to have to create a new individual mould for every sign that he makes. The position and spacing of the characters cannot be faulted and creates a nicely balanced layout.

However, the sign would have benefited from the application of a protective lacquer. This would have prevented the bronze dulling and the brass tarnishing and made the sign easier to clean after the local birds have paid a visit. Also, as the fixing screws are showing, it would have been wiser to use brass or stainless steel – exposed rusty screw heads are a sure sign of penny pinching.


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