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Door Glass House Name


House name on glass panel above the door

House name painted on to glass above front door - Old Bank House.

This example comes from a time when it was common to find house names and numbers displayed on the glass window above the front door. I would think this is the original as it appears to have been painted onto the glass by a professional sign writer.

It’s rare that these names and numbers survive over the years as they eventually deteriorate with the cleaning of the glass and are eventually removed completely – gilded examples are even rarer.

Nowadays when homeowners wants to restore house numbers or names to the glass they usually opt for a replacement in sign makers vinyl. With this modern alternative it is relatively easy to achieve a very realistic painted, sandblasted or etched glass effect for a modest price.

However, most times they are not replaced which is a shame as, when done properly, they really do add that finishing touch to a front entrance. Their elevated position also enables house names and numbers easier to see from the street.


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