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Listed Building Lead Plaque


Cast lead plaque with tudor rose motif for english listed building

A cast lead plaque incorporating a Tudor rose motif and raised lettering.

Some people would regard putting a plaque like this on your home as very pretentious. I too think it’s not advisable as it may appear that the homeowner is trying to make out that their property is more important than it really is.

Such plaques appal conservationists and English Heritage would certainly not approve or endorse their use on listed buildings. Also they can be purchased and displayed by anyone whether they own a listed property or not.

Ironically, if your home really does carry a listing you may need consent to display such a plaque on the building. Any changes which affect the character of a listed building need special consent. Even painting the windows a different colour may require consent from the local district council. Carrying out unauthorised work is a criminal offence and carries stiff penalties so, if in doubt, always check before starting.


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