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Ornate painted three-dimensional house sign above a cast brass plaque – Private

A painted, three-dimensional house sign with vinyl lettering above a cast brass plaque – "Private".

This very ornate sign has been made by building up different wood mouldings on a flat base and then it has then been painted maroon. An acrylic plastic address plate with the number and address in vinyl lettering has then been fixed to the house sign.

Although it is displayed on a private house it would be more suited to a hotel or upmarket block of apartments. This is probably why the owner has fixed the "private" brass plaque below – tired of people knocking on the door to enquire about vacancies.

The lesson here is to always display a sign appropriate to the property. Grand or ornate designs may be tempting but may look self-important and out of place. They may also have the unforeseen effect of having complete strangers asking if they could spend the night with you.


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