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House sign with plastic letters, paddock house

White moulded plastic letters pinned to a curved plywood backing – Paddock House.

This is most likely another product of the shed at the bottom of the garden. Both types of plastic lettering used for this house sign – the raised moulded ones which are fixed by pins and the flat, self-adhesive parallelograms – are readily available in most DIY and hardware stores.

The main drawback with using this type of DIY lettering is that it tends to look home-made – mounting out of true also doesn’t help. Even when, as in this case, there has been a good deal of care and effort put into the making the resulting signs do tend to look a bit amateurish.

These house signs are also easy prey to pranksters and are often seen with missing or re-arranged letters. So next time you visit this address the occupants may be the "OAK CHOP DUDES" or the "SHACK DOPE DUO" – anyway "A DUCK HOPES SO".


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