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Rectangular slate sign with scalloped top corners – Albany Flat. Slate sign with bridge-shaped top – 23a Silver St.

These slate signs are obviously not contemporary with one another and it shows. The lettering and border on the upper sign has a 1930’s feel about it whereas the lower sign uses the simple Times New Roman font and has lighter coloured screw covers.

It’s often unwise to opt for a highly stylised font, as used on the top slate plaque, unless there is a direct association with the property. Inappropriate or flowery lettering styles just appear out of place, cheap and nasty – don’t be tempted by them!

Only the owner knows which of these signs came first. But instead of purchasing an additional sign it would have been better to start again and have all the required information on a single house plaque. They now have two signs which differ in shape, lettering and design. The style gurus always encourage us to KISS – Keep Slate Signs Simple.


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