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Wood House Names Plaque


Hardwood plaque with house names Abbey View and Smugglers Rest


Hardwood plaque with house names "Abbey View" and "Smugglersrest".

I assume this name plaque has been made by one of that keen band of hobbyists who reside in the shed at the bottom of the garden. The lettering and graphics on the sign have been applied using pyrography – burning into the wood using a hot metal point.

The house plaque cannot be much more than a year old as the protective finish remains reflective. To keep it looking as good as this the old smuggler will have to come out of retirement every two or three years to give it a fresh coat of varnish.

It is far too small to be used as a main house sign – even with bionic vision it would be difficult to read from more than a couple of metres away. However, it has been competently made and carries a certain charm.


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