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House Sign Visibility - weathered wooden sign.


Weathered wood house name sign


Some house sign suppliers would have you believe that for a sign to be visible it needs 12-inch high reflective pink characters which automatically light up at dusk and flash throughout the night. They try and install the fear that, if you don’t buy such an eyesore from them, your home will burn to the ground and that your nearest and dearest may die of a heart attack because the emergency services failed to locate your address in time. This of course is a load of rubbish but homeowners should ensure their house name or number is clear and easily read from the road.

This is not the case with "North Ings" – yes, that’s what the sign says. For those of you saying "what sign?" – it’s to the right of the door. It seems rather odd to me to have such a lovely entrance to a property, which has obviously been well maintained, and yet have such a weathered and washed out wooden house nameplate. If it is being kept for its rustic charm why not refurbish the lettering using white paint?

And if you’re wondering – "Ings" are low lying wetland meadows.


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