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Oval Ceramic Pottery House Plaque


Ceramic pottery oval house sign plaque


The greyish colour of this house sign suggests that it’s been made from stoneware. Although one of the most common forms of ceramics, stoneware is a good choice for a house plaque as it’s fired at high temperature - making it nonporous and frost-proof.

However, I don’t think you’re going to find a Wedgwood mark on the back. I would guess that the plaque is the product of a part-time, adult education ceramics class as it appears somewhat naive in its design and execution.

As for the person who made it, what is their full-time job? Look at the oval shape of the plaque, look at the scalloped border – they’ve got to be a pie-maker!


Debbie said...
Hi, I just found you by doing an advanced search for pottery. I'm a potter who enjoys throwing on the wheel but as of lately I'm doing an extensive amount of handbuilding. I enjoyed your post and your pieces are absolutely MARVELOUS!


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