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Pictorial painted house sign - blue jacket house


Pictorial house sign in rectangular frame – Blue Jacket House

To some this may seem an unusual choice of name for a house. The image confirms that it has nothing to do with Blue Jacket of Shawnee war chief fame but perhaps relates to a maritime theme. The Blue jacket in this case is a naval term for a sailor. There is a long tradition in some coastal communities of naming houses after their boats. I applaud this but not everyone shares my sentiments especially those who wish to regulate our lives at every turn. In this case Big Brother goes under the name of the Royal Mail who prefer that every home has a number and house names are used merely as an alias – e.g. "Rose Cottage, 11 Church Lane".

As 'Number 6' defiantly states in The Prisoner - "I am not a number, I am a free man."


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