Stone off-cut sign with name Boulby Cottage

I’m not really into off-cuts being used for house signs. Why is stone rejected as waste by the quarry suddenly good enough to be used for a sign by adding the adjective ‘rustic’ or ‘riven’?

And this is certainly rough! The brown discolouration, giving the camouflage effect, is most likely iron oxides which have turned to rust when exposed to rain. It also appears that the carver has struggled to find a good enough surface on which to position the lettering, hence the rather odd layout. If there had been a bit more room it could have been more appropriately named "Boulder Cottage". There’s a good chance of the sign being reduced in size each year as winter frosts seek out the flaws in the grain of the stone.

Most of what you pay for a sign like this is going to be swallowed up by a hefty delivery charge – the waste stone itself was probably given away for free by the quarry. Therefore why not go for a properly proportioned and finished sign free of imperfections and not something which should have be crushed and used as aggregate.

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