house entrance with name above door

Positioning a house sign is a straightforward task - most of the time. Difficulties can sometimes occur when there is restricted space or objects such as trees or shrubs obscure a sight line. But generally a house name or number should always go in the place that a visitor will look for it; this is usually by your main entrance to your home. In this case the homeowner has got it wrong on two counts – the choice of sign and its position.

The sign itself is a poor choice because the house name is too small to be read from the street. This is not helped by the fact that the name does not contrast very well with the background. Also a large part of the plaque is taken up by a floral design in the same colour as the lettering. From a distance the whole thing appears as a jumble of light blue spaghetti.

If you still haven’t spotted where the plaque is - it’s at the top of the garage door frame, just below the quoin stone. I bet you anything that it’s been sited here because of the ease of fixing to wood rather than stone. A better place would have been over the door, to the side of it, or on the door itself. In any of those positions there would have been the additional advantage of the sign being illuminated at night by the outside light.

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