Sign on five bar gate gate sign with name Sandygate House

This is a good example to show some of the things you need to consider when buying a sign that you’re going to fit on a gate.

First of all, check the dimensions of the sign to make sure it is not wider than the timber on the gate. In this case it is wider, this makes it look odd and fixing it out of true doesn’t help. Have a look at our gate signs or gate name plaques – they are 3.25 inches high so will fit most gates of this type.

This one is a typical commercial signmakers’ product. It’s foamboard so won’t be particularly robust in this situation. The vinyl lettering is only a black outline so doesn’t contrast well with the background. Also the characters have not been well spaced and run into one another. Both these things make the name far more difficult to read.

And finally, always remember that you can’t alter the laws of physics – Nothing can be in two places at the same time. If the gate is open the chances are that the sign cannot be seen.

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