bungalow sign made from bent metal rod

In 1993 a survey of favourite house names by the Halifax Building Society had "The Bungalow" in top spot. But ten years later it had dropped to number three in the ratings - pushed out by "The Cottage" and "Rose Cottage".

Another survey on behalf of the Halifax found that 17% of English and Welsh homeowners considered a bungalow to be their ideal property. This rose to 43% with those over 65 but only 3% of under 35 year olds wanted to live to live in one. This somewhat helps to explain why many of us hold an image of the bungalow as a modest seaside property occupied by a retired couple.

So how come an ordinary 3-bedroom bungalow in Poole, Dorset, is on the market for an asking price of over £1 million? It could be the work of elves, wizards and orcs as this is a former home of JRR Tolkien. The writer moved there in 1968, mainly at the behest of his wife who was not in good health at the time. When Edith died in 1971, Tolkien quickly sold the property and moved back to Oxford. But for a little while Middle Earth came to a humble bungalow at 19 Lakeside Road.

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