In this season of goodwill to all men it’s estimated that each of us in the UK will spend an average of £378 on Christmas gifts. Many of these presents will be placed under the Xmas tree – usually in full view of anyone who happens to peer through the window. However, one in three of us will make no attempt block the view through ground floor windows when our property is unoccupied. Any valuables left on display will be an irresistible temptation to a passing low-life burglar.

So the advice is to keep those valuables out of sight and close curtains and blinds before leaving your home. Simple preventative measures can be enough to deter the opportunist thief – motion sensitive outdoor security lights, burglar alarms, internal lights turned on by time switches. Have a safe and happy festive season and ensure the only strange person entering your home at this time of year is Santa Claus.

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