Sign for the old post office

This is a name plate that we’re likely to see a lot more of in our villages in the next few years. The government intends to close up to 3000 post offices in the next few years, mostly in rural areas. The Department of Trade and Industry considers the current number of 14,000 post to be unsustainable as they are losing £4 million per week.

Postwatch, the postal services watchdog, carried out research which showed the effect that post office closures can have on rural communities. It reported "Whilst it is not for Postwatch to engage in social engineering, who is going to look after the less mobile, the less well off and the elderly who can live in these villages at the moment because they have got a Post Office?"

Postwatch itself has now become a victim of government cuts. It is now part of Consumer Focus, which is the product of the merger of Postwatch, Energywatch and the Welsh, Scottish and National Consumer Councils.

It’s hardly surprising that the The Old Post Office was the highest new entrant in the Halifax’s 2003 house names survey, coming in at number 21.

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