Carved wood cat house sign in folk art styleThis tabby cat sign has a definite touch of folk art about it. It was created in our studios by my nephew during a visit several years ago, I think he was about 8 at the time. Its inspiration was Marmalade, his favourite pet. Under careful supervision he carved it from a piece of sycamore and then painted it in these lovely colours. I particularly like the tail – no adult would have ever thought of designing it with a right angle!

His parents also appreciated his talents and used it as their only house sign. They moved a few years ago but the new owner has kept it and it’s still in place today. My nephew is now a young adult and his creative talents continue to flourish.

The cat is now the most popular domestic pet in the UK. About a quarter of all households have a cat, with the total feline population purring in at around 9 million.

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