According to research in 2005 from the Woolwich, a three-bedroom house located on a lane is worth on average £50,000 more than a comparable property situated on a drive.
Is this petty snobbery at its worst? Or could it be explained in part by that yearning many of the British have for all things related to the countryside? Home owners have always loved to give their properties pastoral names such as "Rose Cottage", "Orchard House" and "Woodlands".
The only group that this research will make perfect sense to is estate agents. They are fully aware of the pulling power that an address with ‘Lane’ in it has over one with ‘Drive’ and the image that it can conjure up in the buyer’s mind of the peaceful English country hamlet with a scattering of whitewashed period cottages. However, when they discover that what they thought was going to be their dream cottage on Honeysuckle Lane is actually within a concrete block’s throw from the cement works, sanity will rapidly kick in - "Sticks and stones…."

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