house name Mannamead on stone pillar at entrance to drive

The house name “Mannamead” has been carved into a stone plaque which has been incorporated into a stone pillar. This was most likely done after the pillar was built, as there is an obvious mismatch in colour.
I’m not sure if the nameplate is the same type of stone but it might be just that the pillar has been constructed from recycled stone, which has already become discoloured with age.

The lettering of the house name has been highlighted in a reddy-brown which doesn't particularly stand out that well. But as it is close to the road this there shouldn’t be any problem with people being able to read the name.

Just in case passers-by haven’t got the message, the whole caboodle is a topped by a coach-lamp. What’s the message? I’ll leave you to decide – maybe taste…maybe ostentation.

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