Oblong ceramic house plaque with name Georgian House

Here’s the opposite situation to the last entry, the Rococo style plaque on the 50’s house. Here we have a 1970’s ceramic plaque on a Georgian property.

The plaque is most likely a ceramic tile blank onto which has been painted the floral decoration and house name - note the jaunty but peculiar angle of “Georgian”. The maker must have had security high on the list of priorities as it’s been fixed by a screw at each corner. This is a bit excessive for such a small sign, though it could be one of those neighbourhoods where if it isn’t screwed down it walks.

For me, the only good thing about this sign is that it gives me another opportunity to use one of my favourite words – “anachronistic”. It was first introduced to me by my English teacher when I was a teenager and I don’t think he could fault me for using it here.

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