rococo house number plaque

This number plaque illustrates that we love to decorate our homes both internally and external but should beware when our heart rules our head.

When the owner of number 8 saw this house plaque they were probably won over by its voluptuous curves and frills. But the clincher though would have been the price, these number plaques are cheap and rightly so – exposed screws, vinyl lettering etc.

But where does the rococo style fit with the exterior of a 1950’s suburban house in the north of England? The only link I can think of is that it’s not too far from Otley, the birthplace of Thomas Chippendale who used a restrained version of its curves in his furniture designs (I only know this because, several years ago, I helped an old sculptor friend of mine on his commission for a figure of Chippendale for the town of Otley).

I could have it all wrong, you may be met at the front door by Marie Antoinette who invites you in to a scaled down version of the Palace of Versailles – anyone for cake?

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