Wood Signs

Rectangular varnished wood sign with lettering Church Cottage

A guide to the benefits and disadvantages of a wooden house signs. including examples of the infamous rustic slice, hardwood and softwood plaques and carved signs.

Cottage Sign

Chapel Cottage sign

The shape of this sign has me at a complete loss! What is it supposed to represent? – the first thing that comes to mind is a bone. Maybe the occupant has a very large dog.
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Ship Plaque

Plaque depicting ship on house wall

Here’s an interesting little plaque set into a wall and depicting an old ship in full sail. I suppose it could be classed as a form of pargetting, the traditional art of ornamental decoration using lime plaster.

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Ceramic Name Sign

ceramic plaque, Georgian House

Here’s the opposite situation to the last entry, the rococo plaque on the 50’s house. Here we have a 1970’s ceramic plaque on a Georgian property.

The plaque is most likely a ceramic tile blank onto which has been painted the floral decoration and house name - note the jaunty but peculiar angle of “Georgian”.

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Black Rococo Style Plaque

rococo house number plaque

This number plaque illustrates that we love to decorate our homes both internally and external but should beware when our heart rules our head.

When the owner of number 8 saw this house plaque they were probably won over by its voluptuous curves and frills.

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Drive Entrance Sign On Pillar

drive entrance sign

The house name “Mannamead” has been carved into a stone plaque which has been incorporated into a stone pillar. This was most likely done after the pillar was built, as there is an obvious mismatch in colour.
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